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Why do I love theatre?

Three solid reasons why:

Me as Mama Nadi in RUINED by Lynn Nottage at Empty Spaces Theatre

1. SURPRISE!!!! Why? I love the ‘live’ aspect. I love my butt being on the line each and every time I step foot on stage. The cast and myself are fully prepared to tell the story, but in preparedness lies an element of surprise revealing itself at the most unexpected times during each performance.

Surprise could be anything (hence the word choice - "surprise") - to elaborate, the audience may respond differently to some moment than any previous audience, creating an interesting artistic response within my performance and between me and my cast mates. Maybe it’s a deeper truth to a scene unfolding in new ways. It could be that a mistake is made, unveiling new and beautiful hidden dynamics between scene partners. Whatever the surprising element may be, it is bound to be a teaching moment full of potential for artistic growth. I’m down for that!!! Fo-sho!

Me as Calupurnia, Kennedy Joy Foristall as Scout, in TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD at ORLANDO SHAKESPEARE THEATRE

2. DOING ALL OF MY SCENES IN THE ORDER IT IS WRITTEN! Living my character's life in chronological order - amazing!!! I LOVE living the character-arc real-life in sequence - (unless the play is not written in a chronological sequence, then, you can strike this), no wait… even when the play jumps around chronologically, my job is to do the homework and discover what happened in the step-by-step sequence so that when I play the character, everything I do and say carries weight the moment is owed in that time and space. I can nerd out all day on this kind of work.

3. One last reason to consider: in theatre, no one is “wrapped” when their scene is finished, your behind stays with the cast for the duration the play is running and the duration of the night/day, whether one has a five minute scene or is a principal actor in every scene of the play. Moreover, you’ll likely get to know the cast regardless if you have scenes with a particular person or not, and you’ll most likely bond with many of the cast mates and make lifelong friends and business partners (staying at each other’s homes in respective cities to be local hires for film projects or just for fun) taping virtually or coaching virtually (if you live in different cities). You can continue to grow together as artists by video chatting remotely to get audition tapes in (if a live reader is not available or if this is your taping preference)!!!

Me as Stepp Sister in Dream Girls at Mad Cow Theatre

The man to my right, New York- based actor, Warren Kelly, was not only a phenomenal actor, he became my friend and mentor -The big wise brother I never had! He is sorely missed. RIP Warren. This post is inspired by your love.

So many reasons why I love theatre and I just had to share them with you on

World Theatre Day 2022!!!

CALL TO ACTION: Check out my instagram post @sheryl.carbonell regarding one of my favourite theatre moments! (Hint, it has to do with STAR TREK and SHAKESPEARE).

Connect with me there and write me your favourite things about theatre in the comments, or tell me about your favourite show you’ve been in or seen..anything theatre and thanks for reading my blog byte!!! Be well and HAPPY WORLD DAY 2022!!!

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