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Thanks for your interest in scheduling a lesson with me.

I'm excited to work with you.

For more info on lesson offerings, read below.

Fall lessons will be offered Mondays and Thursdays Sept. 5 - Nov 18

3-7pm with the last lesson starting at 6pm.

If Tuesdays are heavily requested, it may be added to the schedule.

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About Lessons

Ready to enroll? Download studio policy/registration forms, pay tuition and you're ready to roll!!

PRIVATE Voice Lessons

AGES 12 +

Vocal technique:


sound production

voice placement


Vocal coaching:


use of dynamics

syllabic stress


Development of repertoire:







musical theatre and more! 

Ready to enroll? Download studio policy forms, pay tuition and you're ready to roll!!

PRIVATE Piano Lessons


A well rounded piano curriculum includes playing by sight and by ear. My students will learn both!

Music Literacy

Students will learn to read music and learn to play scales


Music by Ear

Students will play by ear using scales and chords as a baseline to compose and arrange songs 


We will work on songs, a theory assignment and a musicianship task, designed to help you compose and arrange songs for your personal enjoyment. 




pop jazz and rock

any combination mentioned above or you may choose to focus on one style

Ready to enroll? Download studio policy/registration forms, pay tuition and you're ready to roll!!

NEW! Piano Partner Lessons


Piano lessons taught two at a time. It saves money, adds a social component. This is geared towards students who are serious about learning to play, and for students studying for the AP music Theory exam. Extensive Ear training, Music Theory, and Harmonic Analysis is woven into this course of study. 

Ready to enroll? Download studio policy/registration forms, pay tuition and you're ready to roll!!


AGES 12+

Info coming soon!


My Commitment to You

I will teach you how to express yourself musically, focusing on your unique voice and style. I will foster the joy of music making, creativity and your unique potential as an artist. 

Student & Parent's Commitment

Arrive on time and if late, understand your lesson time will not be extended.

Give 24 hour notice of absence.

Practice between lessons.

Understand  your absence cannot be made up or refunded unless I am able. Once you set aside your lesson time, it is time I cannot use for anyone else. Thank you for understanding.


Tuition covers:

  • the student's course of study

  • teacher planning and curriculum development

  • my teaching time and experience

  • professional organization memberships/ongoing education

  • recital planning and development.


TUITION IS NONREFUNDABLE after the first week of the semester.

  • It is charged each semester

  • Tuition is $45 per 50 minute lesson. Piano Partner tuition is $35 per student 75 minute lesson.

Registration Fee/Materials Fee:

Fees cover:

  • print costs

  • pencils, erasers and markers

  • disinfecting wipes

  • piano tuning and maintenance



  • It is charged each semester

  • Materials fee is $10 per student.

Music Books and Class Materials

Students will be assigned books to order from distributors and from AMAZON.


Fall and Spring lessons are on a Semester basis. Students who miss lessons will not have a chance to make up a lesson unless I am able to reschedule. I cannot extend lesson times for late students either so be on time please. 


Occasionally, I will use photos and short videos of me and my students on social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Vimeo, and on my website. If you do NOT wish to be featured or have your child featured, please provide a written request to OPT OUT of the PHOTO RELEASE.