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FILM: NEW SAG short, Penelope Pratt and The Beautifully Ugly Door

I am a proud supporter of Wrestlers for Orphans, a nonprofit organisation formed by my son and two of his friends, serving orphans in Vietnam. 100% of all funds raised go directly to Thêin Bình Orphanage. For more info, click here:

Sheryl Carbonell

I'm a teaching artist:

I enjoy creating characters on stage & screen, and giving you tools to create using music.

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"Had my second voice lesson with Creativeology Music & Film today! Still a long way to go, however taking steps towards a new skill feels good and refreshing. Sheryl Carbonell is such a patient, kind, passionate, and positive teacher. Looking forward to progressing on this journey with her."  Dina Najjar, Actress, Improvisor, FilmMaker and Realtor.  

"I met her several years ago during her performance in a play. Two years later she would play a leading role in one of my pilot TV Shows Apartment 5210. She would then partner with me and assist in the direction of actors on Courage To Stand. She is well educated in music, gifted in teaching and acting; and now she has been called upon to help cultivate a dormant talent in me but has been called upon to be resurrected for a special project. She has recently opened up her gifts to world and I had my first lesson today! I’m excited to learn from her and I promise to make her proud! Thank you Sheryl for your gifts, your leadership and your passion for the arts. I’m excited and look forward to learning more from you."  

Ed Love, Film Maker, Producer, Director, Editor.

Being an artist is fun,but there is

recipe for success. Grab a mixing bowl let's get cooking: 

'DreamGirls' as a Stepp Sister - MadCow Theatre